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SoccerViza Futbol Club was born with the passion and mission to show the football industry that there are talented players worldwide who can impact the game at the highest level.


SoccerViza Futbol was created for those who play because they love the feeling of touching the ball, lacing up their boots, the smell of freshly cut grass, and simply the love for the game.


At SVFC, the goal is not only to develop great players but also to develop great individuals. SVFC operates under a united vision, the discipline of the game, and respect for teammates, fans, and the environment because the values learned on the field are invaluable for life experiences off the field.


SoccerViza FC believes in the underprivileged, those who were dismissed.


Everyone who works as a coach or represents SoccerViza Futbol Club understands that it's about more than the game; it's about making the world a better place together.


The SoccerViza family will continue to grow worldwide, and we will positively impact lives both on and off the field!

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