Select Teams & Tournaments

Select Teams & Tournaments

More Games, More Coaching,

More Success

SoccerViza's select teams and tournaments are a great way for players to get extra games in the offseason and during the season. Tournaments are all coached by a SoccerViza premier professional coach.

Select teams will be compromised of both current SoccerViza players and players from other programs who want to experience the SV Way!


*Our preseason summer camp is a CLUB – CONFLICT FREE program that runs during the summer.*


Select Tournaments | How It Works:

  • There is an additional fee for each tournament: $75 per player for local/drive-able 1 DAY tournaments. $130 per player (not including hotel & transportation) for multiple days or overnight stay tournaments

  • Extra tournaments are optional and not mandatory for current SoccerViza players.

  • Refunds are granted if not enough players are registered for an extra tournament by the deadline appointed by SVFC.


Contact us now to enter your child into to an environment that will unlock their full soccer potential. Come join SoccerViza FC. 



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