Why Tryout for SoccerViza?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

At SoccerViza, the environment is everything. Often times, parents hear about a team and don’t see for themselves what the good qualities of the club they’re signing up for are.

Want to See What SoccerViza is All About...?

"Tryouts are a glimpse of what goes on at practice," said Joe Funicello, Director of Coaching. "Our European coaching style is something that is sometimes regarded as 'involved coaching', where coaches are constantly demonstrating visuals and guiding players to put them in the best possible scenario for them to succeed, have fun, and compete."

Among all the 'involved coaching' done at SoccerViza, we also create a well-balanced environment with plenty of time for players to figure out challenges on their own and in team-based settings.

College & Pro Opportunities:

With our wide range of players from 7-18 years old, we offer opportunities like no other team in the area. We have sent players to Ivy league universities, top private and state universities, and to play with professional teams overseas.

Our wide network of PROFESSIONAL soccer teams in the MLS, Mexico, and Europe have opened up many scouting opportunities to players in our youth that

want to pursue a future in the game.

SVFC Parents lining up to shake hands with their players at SoccerViza's Family Day. Parents had an opportunity to see first hand what it's like to play for SVFC.

Parents are IMPORTANT!

Let’s be real: not everyone played soccer growing up. SoccerViza gives parents an insight as to what coaches are thinking and how the European model has translated over to our Club.

Joe Funicello played professionally in Europe for many years and he values giving parents an insight beyond the basics of football (soccer).

Jobs, Internships, and Volunteer Work:

Sebastian Chodorowsky (left) discussing his media plan while interning at the SVFC Headquarters.

SoccerViza doesn’t just think about winning games. We care about the player’s well-being and the community around us too. For players who want to pursue certain specializations in the work force, we have offered internship opportunities to players who seek to pursue anything from coaching, to media studies. We also do volunteer work around the community with companies in Westport, New Canaan, Norwalk, and more.

“But Every Club Says the Same Thing. I’ve Heard it all before.”

Come See for Yourself!

To register for tryouts, click here, or visit:

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