Viza Totz Announces New Coach

Caleb Brabant has been added to Viza Totz’ coaching staff for Soccer and Basketball.  

“My time spent playing sports was my favorite part of my childhood,” said Brabant. “As a coach, I hope to introduce kids to sports that will give them the same joy I experienced growing up.”  

Brabant said SoccerViza and BasketballViza are exciting, new companies with great people who he believes can teach him a lot as a youth coach.  

“When I’m not coaching," said Barbant, "you can find me playing soccer, hockey, basketball, lacrosse, skiing, surfing, rollerblading, etc. I am a bit sport obsessed, so I look forward to every upcoming session.”  

Find more information about SoccerViza FC by clicking here or visiting:

Find more information about BasketballViza by clicking here or visiting:

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