U14 Boys White - New Co Head Coach

Jose Carvajal, former Norwalk High School varsity starter and assistant coach of the U12 Boys White team, has been added as a 'co-head coach' for the U14 Boys White team. 

“Coach Jose has been doing extremely well,” said Joe Funicello, Director of SoccerViza Football Club (SVFC). “His presence and how vocal he is, has stood out. My job is to see what teams need certain areas of improvement. Coach Miguel is great tactically but pairing him with coach Jose allows for this team to have a boost of energy and an environment with tactics and a voice that enhances every player’s experience.” 

Coach Jose, a former player at Norwalk High School, also played for Coach Joe in his youth days. His possession oriented and quick attacking style of play creates a new challenge for his soon to be players. 

“I want to challenge the boys and expand their knowledge within the world of football,” said Coach Jose. “I am very excited because I would like to establish a positive relationship and create a challenge for the team, alongside Miguel, where the players are challenged and progressing towards being better soccer players and gentlemen.” 

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