“The Harder You Try, The Happier You Will Be When It Pays Off”

My name is Michael Brennan and I am a player for the U12 Boys Black.

I have been playing soccer since I could walk and have been going to clinics since I was 3. My Dad got me into soccer because he was a soccer coach. I really like everything about soccer so it is hard to pick what I like best about the sport, but if I had to, I would say going out onto the field and showing my best effort with the rest of my team.

When it comes to training, I do a lot of juggling in my backyard. It helps to have a good touch on the ball so I can make a fast move and get by defenders.

I also love playing soccer in the backyard with my brother and my Dad. In the summer, we are outside playing soccer at least one to two times a week. We work on drills, obstacle courses, or just play for fun. One year when I was 7, I asked for an agility ladder for Christmas so that I could work on my footwork. Aside from working on my own, one of the best ways I train is by going to the SoccerViza’s beach runs on Saturday mornings.

If I work harder or think better than the other players that are bigger or stronger, I will play better than them and help my team win. People shouldn't underestimate you by your size. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are. If you put in your best effort, you will always be the best that you can be. There are times when you think you are capable of doing something that other people don't think that you can do. If this happens, just keep playing hard because eventually good things will happen.

During games, if you stay calm, the game will stay calm and it is easier to work around people and make better and easier passes or shots. If you’re not the biggest, strongest, or fastest on the field then you have to outsmart or out play the other team. What I mean is: if your opponent is faster than you and can beat you to the ball, then find the angle where you can interrupt his/her path and cut him/her off. 

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