Player Diary: Cayenne Ceman

My name is Cayenne Ceman and I am a player for the U12 Girls Black.

How Do You Like SVFC?

This is my first year playing for SoccerViza Football Club (SVFC). I think SVFC is challenging but I like it. The coaches are very nice and push you to get better.

“We chose SVFC because of the sense of community and focus on developing the player as a good human,” said Cayenne’s mother, Kimberly Ceman. “Yes, there is a solid focus on soccer, but there’s almost an equal focus on developing self-confidence and respect of coaches, game, and community. Every staff member we’ve met has been professional, helpful, positive, and they all create enjoyable experiences for our players.”

My favorite drill is ‘Arsenal’ because It makes me a better player. It forces me to call for the ball, and since I am a forward, it helps me check in and get around defenders. I also think I need to work on my footwork.

What Makes Cayenne Different?

“She is a good team player, likes to have fun, is respectful of her team, her coach, and the game! She has and shares a lot of passion for soccer,” said Kimberly Ceman. 

“Cayenne is a very hard worker,” said Coach Jose Canahui. “Her positive energy brings the team’s morale up through tough situations. She’s also a natural goal scorer and a great teammate.” 

Any Cool Experiences?

During my first game, we got a corner kick. The ball was kicked high and I ended up kneeing the ball into the goal. I ended up scoring again by shooting from outside the box and into the upper right-hand corner. Scoring made me feel really good about myself.

“What’s crazy to me is that Cayenne was originally used as a defender by previous teams,” said coach Canahui, “but I saw different attributes in her that told me that she was a forward. I tried her there for our first game and she scored two goals. She was hungry for more and she’s been one of the league’s most dangerous forwards since.”

Favorite Team, Player, & Pastime Activities:

Julie Ertz is my favorite soccer player. She is persistent and I like her style. My favorite team is also the U.S Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT). They are a strong team, work well together, and seem to be having a lot of fun on the field. 

In my spare time I love, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and cooking/eating tacos.


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