SVFC Player Diary

My name is Jax Rosenberg and I am a player for the Boys U12 White Team.

I first started playing soccer in my apartment in Manhattan every day on a set of mini goals when I was like two. It was my favorite activity.  When reached kindergarten, I started playing for a team in the city.

I started playing for SoccerViza Football Club at a clinic last winter with my friends and really liked the coaching. 

I’ve realized this isn’t just a soccer club, it’s a family. We have the chance to get to know every coach not just ours. Also, I like that we ‘lock it up’, shake the coaches' hands, say hi to a new player trying out for the club as well. 

What Needs to Improve?

I need to work on my left foot. At home I just started doing strength training before school in the morning and at practice, I try to work on my left foot as much as I can. I do that by passing and shooting with only my left foot.

My favorite drill is left foot dribbling and shooting because I am a righty and I really want to work on my other foot. I am trying to become the best player I can be and part of doing that is working on my weak foot. 

Favorite Soccer Player & Team?

Messi, because he is so aggressive and short like me so that always boosts my determination -- to know that one of the best soccer players ever is small too. That also makes me realize anything is possible. I also like that he takes risks and shoots whenever he has the chance.

Manchester United is my favorite soccer team because I have watched them play for a long time and I like their playing style. I think the jerseys are sick with the red, yellow, and some orange.

Free Time?

In my free time I like playing other sports like baseball and basketball, hanging out with friends and family, and watching TV, especially Michigan Wolverines sports.

Challenges (Self & Team):

My biggest obstacle is my height. Most of the time, I play against kids that are bigger and stronger than me, so I overcome that by working harder than them and pushing myself to the limit. 

Although our team has a great bond and had made progress this fall, we need to work on our defense so we aren’t putting too much pressure on our goalie. We could become a better defense by knowing when to step to pressure the ball and when to not, because that is how other teams score 75% of their goals against us. Our offense also needs to work on finishing and taking more chances. 

“Jax has always had a big personality and is a natural leader. He loves being part of a team where team spirit is a lot of what drives him to succeed in the sports he plays. Jax has a great attitude and his enthusiasm is infectious. We love seeing him celebrate another team member when they score a goal or the goalie when he blocks a shot and his huge smile when the team succeeds. The Viza experience has been extremely motivating to Jax and even when they don’t win, he feels proud of the team and the club.”

- Karen Fechter 


“Jax had done the winter clinic last year with some of his friends while he was on winter break from the other league he was playing with. He felt SoccerViza’s coaching style was more supportive and more attentive and loved the overall vibe of the club. When we were deciding what to do for the 2019/2020 season, Jax said he wanted to play for SoccerViza Football Club because he felt that the coaching would help him become a better player. We have definitely seen growth in his soccer skills, but he has also matured a lot and is much less emotional when he makes a mistake.”

- Karen Fechter 

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