SVFC Coaches to Gain Pro Experience

As the fall season ends, SoccerViza’s Pro Scouting Tour is approaching fast. Professional Scouts and Coaches will be in attendance and our SV staff is almost ready to go. Since the start of SoccerViza’s Pro Scouting Tours, staff members have had an opportunity to interact, coach, and work alongside personnel in the REAL WORLD of professional Football.

Juan Gonzalez, coach for SVFC, said he hopes to have an insight about how the coaches view the game of football. 

“I went to one of our last events in Bradenton Florida,” said Coach Gonzalez. “I learned that being good isn’t good enough. There’re other qualities that you need to have in order to move onto the next level – have a good attitude, be professional and more.”

“I look forward to this event because I want to meet players from around the world and see their perspective on football and how they see the game as well.”

Nick Weinstein, Goalkeeper Director, said, “I’m excited to network with coaches and scouts from around the world. I'm also looking forward to working with aspiring goalkeepers who are projected to be at a high level at this event.”

Jose Canahui, SVFC coach, said he’s preparing himself for a different culture with a different style.

“I can’t wait to learn about the different levels there are,” said Coach Canahui. “We always talk about what players come from what different areas and I want to see what talent we’re working with and from where. There are different styles of football depending on where you are in the world and I'm excited to learn about each and every one one of them. 

Alejandro Rivera, SVFC Coach, said his experience in Toronto’s Pro Scouting Tour was an unforgettable one. 

“Interacting with professionals in the industry gives us an insight of what football is like at the next level – a world not everyone gets to come in contact with,” said Coach Rivera. “In Toronto I got a little taste of that and I want to work alongside professional coaches and scouts to learn more.”

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