SV PRO Confirms More Trials: Mukor Harris and Gutchy Pierre to Louletano

It was confirmed that June Toronto PRO combine attendees Mukor Harris and Gutchy Pierre have begun their trials at Louletano D.C. in Portugal. Harris, a center back from Maryland and Pierre, a winger from Florida, both earned trials after their successful stints at the pro event last month.

"I honestly enjoyed all three days at the Toronto combine. For me it was a success because I was able to redeem myself after going to the Florida event a few months earlier," Pierre said. " I felt as if I performed really well and I can't thank SoccerViza enough for the chance I have in Portugal."

"Gutchy has something you can't coach, insane pace, he always finds himself in dangerous areas because of his pace. He can take people on with that pace and that's what made him stand out. That's what was so attractive about him, we can teach him the game with his unbelievable raw talent," said Joe Funicello, Director of Scouting and CEO of SoccerViza.

"I'm very grateful for my experience at the Toronto event, the seminars were the most eye opening part because we got information about the industry you would never hear about here in the US," said Harris.

"This was my first combine I've attended because I've heard about combines being money makers. But my good friend Miguel Grande was at the Florida event and put in a great word, and I trust his opinion and it worked out perfectly. Whether or not you got chosen for a trial or contract, all jokes aside, you will get more value than what you paid for going to a SoccerViza event," Harris said.

"Mukor just has a good presence on the field, he's vocal, he balances the game well, he has good size and he's clean and simple on the ball. I think that's what stood out about him, he does his job and keeps things simple," Funicello said.

Harris and Pierre are the second and third success stories to be confirmed in this summer's transfer window for SoccerViza, turning a great combine performance into an opportunity with the Portuguese club.

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