SV PRO CONFIRMED: Ben Manoogian Joins Grythyttan IF Until End of Season

It was confirmed that June Toronto PRO combine attendee and Peabody, Mass native Ben Manoogian will head to Sweden next week, joining Grythyttan IF until the end of their season.

The 22-year old from Massachusetts' success story came as the result of his strong performance at the Toronto scouting event. 

"Ben is the type of player that is going to fly under the radar at events because he doesn't do anything to stand out. But he makes the midfield tick, you don't really see him in a game but without him there is no rhythm and flow, he is an essential piece of any team," Joe Funicello said.

Manoogian is the fourth success story to be confirmed in this summer's transfer window for SoccerViza, turning a great combine performance into an opportunity with the Swedish club.

"There a lot of value in the combines, even if you don't get anything stay optimistic, when I got the call from Joe saying he had an opportunity in Sweden for me I was so happy. I've been thinking about playing professionally since I was a little kid. My message to everyone is to stay positive because there's stuff out there, and I know SoccerViza is a great place to start," said Manoogian.

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