SoccerViza FC U14 Player In Cyprus On Professional Evaluation.

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Jeremy Cooke has made an impression on SVFC Director/ Professional Scout, Joe Funicello since their first meeting on a soccer field.

" Jeremy has always intrigued me as a player. He has many qualities that help distinguish him from others on the field." - Joe Funicello

That intriguing presence has landed Jeremy in Cyprus with APOEL FC's youth professional academy. Jeremy is currently on a five-day professional evaluation. Meaning he will train with the professional club's 2004 boy's academy team and be given a full performance evaluation by the club coaching staff and director.

"SVFC was started by SoccerViza Pro which is a professional scouting agency that I began after I retired from playing the game professionally. I used my contacts to coordinate Jeremy's professional evaluation. This opportunity is something he will hopefully enjoy and learn from." - Joe Funicello

The 6'2" midfielder only joined SoccerViza Football Club in June of 2017. Since joining he has helped the club and team immediately by contributing to a second place finish in the CT Club Soccer Leauge and adding a trophy by winning the CT Rush Columbus Day Tournament.

He is currently a student a King School in Stamford, CT where he is a multi-sport (soccer, basketball, and baseball) athlete. While being an athlete is a major passion of Jeremy's he realizes that academics and being committed in the classroom will only add to his future success.

Jeremy has always had a love for the game, at a young age he would use a fireplace screen as an imaginary goal while his parents would cringe every time they heard him miss the screen, which would force them to redecorate due to broken pictures and consignments.

"My wife is English and the sport is huge in England, it kinda forced me to fall in love with it. I remember Manchester United playing and Jeremy sitting on my lap with his eyes glued to the TV." - Wayne Cooke, Dad

"Being a professional has always been a dream of mine. This trip allows me to test myself against top European competition and I will see the level it takes to reach my dream!" - Jeremy Cooke

There are many attributes that make Jeremy a possible potential prospect, from his size at a young age to his technical abilities there is no doubt that the Fairfield County resident can continue turn heads on the soccer pitch.

"This is the guy I will continue to keep my eye on throughout his development. He is only 14 and has tremendous room to continue to grow as a player and person. I am sure he will start turning heads at the collegiate level in the near future and I look forward to guiding his family through the process." - Joe Funicello

Jeremy trip will conclude on Friday, March 16th.

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