Player Diary: Hayes Bauer

My name is Hayes Bauer and I am a player for SoccerViza Football Club’s U10 Boys Black team.

Tell Us About Yourself & SVFC:

This is my first year playing for SVFC. I started by doing the preseason training and began the season the following week. So far, I've liked everything about the club. The coaches are really nice and everyone has good sportsmanship. I also love the new tricks I learn at practice!

During the pre-season camp, on the last day, we had many different challenges. One of the challenges was called the 'ski ball game' and I won! I worked hard and felt very proud. I won a blue SoccerViza FC sweatshirt which is my favorite sweatshirt I have ever had.

I have two favorite drills at practice. I like when we do ladders because it helps me with balance, speed and agility. It also helps me get to the ball faster. I also like when we do 1v1 drills because it helps me connect with the ball and attack towards goal. I also think I need to work on my juggling because it will improve my touch. 

“We chose to send our twin boys to SoccerViza FC because of the core principles including the positive team environment, professional coaches, and the emphasis on community service,” said Hayes’ mother, Heather Bauer. 

Favorite Team & Player?

My favorite team is FC Barcelona because my favorite player plays for them -- Lionel Messi. I like Messi because he had to go through some physical challenges throughout his career. Once he got through it all, he became one of the greatest soccer players of all time. He is still not as tall as some of the other professional soccer players, but he is very fast. He also passes really well and has good sportsmanship. 

What Makes Hayes Unique?

“Hayes is incredibly driven, hard-working, dedicated and focused. He also has a lot of compassion, so he works well in a team environment. Hayes is also a very fast runner with a lot of endurance and always leaves his heart on the field,” said Heather Bauer.

CEO and Director of SoccerViza FC and coach for the U-10 Black team, Joe Funicello, said, “Hayes is one of the best teammates. He’s so positive and although he knows he has to get better technically, you're not going to out work him.”

“Our boys love soccer and like many parents around us, we want them to grow into young adults that will make the community and the world a better place. That is what SoccerViza is all about!” said Heather Bauer. 

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