Player Diary: Cormac Mulvey

My name is Cormac Mulvey and I am a player for the SVFC U14 Boys Black Team.

This is my 2nd year playing with SoccerViza Football Club (SVFC).

Switching to playing with Viza increased the level of competition for me. Most of the people you play with and against are equally as passionate as you about the game. Playing with and against tougher competition also makes you a better player.

“When Cormac was ready to move into a more competitive soccer environment, we looked at a few clubs and ultimately went with Viza based on trusted coaching recommendations combined with how impressed Cormac was at his tryouts with the energy and excitement of the coaches. He had fun then and continues to have fun now,” said Julianne Mulvey (Cormac’s Mother). 

“Since joining Viza, Mulvey said, “we continue to be impressed not only with the quality (and depth...SO MANY COACHES) of the instruction but also the legitimate sense of community and leadership that Viza promotes on and off the field. There are not many competitive teams that require community service of their players. We love it.”

About the Team:

My coach, Harry, is really funny but serious when he needs to be which motivates you to perform well.  

During practice, my favorite drill would have to be possession with defensive pressure. This drill improves ball movement and pressing simultaneously.

I think my team has what it takes to make it to the top, but there are definitely some tweaks that we have to make to get there. We need to continue to work on strategic positioning, maintain consistently high tempo and finish in front of goal. I also think I need to have a stronger voice on the field and be more vocal with my team.


On gamedays, I don’t have a pregame ritual because I'm not one to be superstitious, but I will never decline an early morning good luck donut. Ya know, carbs. 

Challenges & Memories:

A challenge I have faced while playing soccer is the transition from playing center mid to center back. I overcame this challenge by watching professional defenders and taking what I learned and applying it to practices and games. The old midfielder in me sometimes wants to be a bigger contributor offensively and score goals, but I have started to see how I add value from the back line. 

There was a game last year in the NEFC tournament, where me and my fellow center back, Grant, weren’t letting ANYTHING by, and were key contributors to the team’s victory. 

Favorite Player & Free Time:

My favorite soccer player is Kevin De Bruyne. Watching him is amazing because his craftiness and ability to distribute the ball is truly incredible. Although my favorite soccer team is Manchester City because of their explosiveness on the ball, I will also watch any game that is on. During my free time, I like to hang out with my friends, play some basketball, and eat constantly.

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