Player Diary: Chris Gordillo

My name is Chris Gordillo and I am a player for the U13 Boys Black.

I have been playing for SoccerViza FC for two seasons. (2018-2019) and (2019-2020). My favorite drill at soccer practice is the “Arsenal” drill, mainly because it represents an in-game scenario. The drill consists of short and long passes that helps a player with their accuracy and touch. Since I am a midfielder, this drill makes me a better player because it improves my decision making and overall passing.

What Do You Like About SoccerViza?

SoccerViza FC has many aspects to the club which makes it unique and enjoyable. Personally, I like the competitiveness, passion, and atmosphere of the club. All of the coaches in the club have a similar and deep passion for the sport in which they pass on to the players. In every game or practice, coaches teach players to be competitive and hard-working in order to become a better soccer player. Last but not least, the atmosphere of the club represents a family where the players always perform and stick up for each other.

Who is your Favorite Soccer Player and Team?

There are many different soccer players I look up to, but the one player who stands out is Lionel Messi. His awareness, creativity, composure, and off-the-ball movement are only a few of his skills I try to emulate in my game.

My favorite professional soccer team is FC Barcelona. This team is my favorite because of their philosophy - possession. Their tempo, team-goals, and players make them one of the best, if not, the best team in the world.

Positive Memory?

One experience I’ve had during a game where I felt good about myself, was when I scored a hat-trick in a tournament where we needed a win. I didn’t play as well as I could have in the first game of the tournament, but I made up for it in the second game.

How to be a Better Player?

In order to become a better soccer player, I need to work on my awareness, decision-making, and defending. At SoccerViza FC, I believe I can improve in these areas and become an elite soccer player.

Free Time?

When I am not playing soccer, I like to play basketball or hang out with my friends at the park.

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