Parents Ask WHY?

At SoccerViza, having a mutual understanding with parents and players regarding our philosophy is very important. Without it, we don’t have the opportunity to fully develop each player. To us, it is very important to have every parent and player on the same page. 

When parents sign their child up for any team, they always have specific expectations and ideas for their child beforehand. From wanting their child to score a lot of goals, to wanting their child to be the best defender, answers will vary. Although parents have different expectations, at the end of the day, they ALL want their child to shine on the football pitch.

Every player has a different role in football (soccer). Goalies, defenders, midfielders, and attackers all have specific jobs that when executed properly, contribute to the bigger picture – the team’s success. 

As coaches, our role is to put each player in a better position to succeed. Through practice, we try and develop our players and through games, we try and execute what we have been practicing and put all our player’s abilities to the test.

Players and coaches have roles, but what about parents?

“Why is my son / daughter playing only one position?” 

“I would like my child to try a new position”

“I told my child he needs to do this in certain situations”

“Why doesn’t my child get to score goals?” 

“Why doesn’t my child play every position?”

“I think it’s important for my child to play every position”

Shelley L. Holden, associate professor in the Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Studies at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Ala. said a healthy athletic triangle, which consists of the coach, parent, and player, is key to towards having an enjoyable experience in youth sports. 

Holden states that a lack of understanding among parents, players, and coaches are the reason some players don’t reach their full potential. 

Founder and Director of SoccerViza, Joe Funicello, said a common conversation he has with parents is regarding positions.

“Everyone want’s their child to have some type of glory,” said Funicello, “but just like parents and coaches, the players have roles in football. Not everyone understands that, but that’s literally the reality of it.” 

At SVFC we specifically identify a player's attributes and place them where their attributes best fit. If a player likes to: protect the goal, look to pass and quickly drop back into their position, lead their team while positioning himself/herself behind the ball, chances are that player’s best fit is defense. 

“Every coach sees it differently,” said Funicello. “But it’s the parent’s understanding of why the coach does what he/she does that creates confusion. Every player at our club has the potential to develop. A lot goes into planning sessions and trying to fully get the best out of every player.” 

If you're paying for a service, recognize that you're putting trust into an organization to develop your player. That means you're buying into their philosophy and the atmosphere of the club or team said Funicello.

“I know coaches aren’t perfect, but we’ve grown so much from parents trusting us to do the right thing,” said Funicello. “I say it all the time, it’s a game of opinions, but it’s important for us coaches to understand the parents and parents to understand the coaches. If the game is on the line, and you’re good at a certain position, I'm putting you where you will help the team.” 

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