My First Year at SoccerViza

My name is Max Snow and I am a player for the U10 Boys White.

Why SoccerViza? What have you learned?

I wanted to try out for SoccerViza because I wanted to be a better player, learn more about the game, have good coaching, and play with some new people and make new friends. When I started at SoccerViza, I liked to play defense a lot, but I did not play it very well. I now know what position to be in, when and where to be on the field, and I have become a better passer. I have listened and tried my best in practice and games to really understand the meaning of things my coach says. I also really try to keep my eyes open.


I like that in our practices, we do lots of fun drills and every drill has a meaning and teaches you to be better in a real game. I also like that all the coaches have fun spending time with the kids, and they listen to us. We also listen to them. We respect each other.

My favorite drills at practice are the 2v1 and 3v2 drills because I like to play defense and it teaches you how to be in the right spot to defend the ball and opponent. On offense, it teaches you how to overlap and get into an open space to receive the pass and get a shot on goal.

To be a better player, I think I need to be more aggressive when I am attacking the ball. I also need to make sure I do not get faked out by the offensive player’s moves.

Memories and Free Time?

One time, I remember that in a game I made a really good stop, stole the ball, and then gave an assist to my teammate who then took a shot and scored. I also remember being in practice running back hard to defend and blocking a shot on goal.

During my free time, I really like to spend time with my dad and I also love to play video games with my friends. When I’m not playing soccer, I also like to play basketball and ski.

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