"I'm Always Welcomed at SoccerViza. We're Always A Family" - John Mino

My name is John Mino and I am a player for the U17 Boys Black team.

I’ve been playing for SoccerViza Football Club for almost a year and a half and It’s been an enjoyable experience. Two things I like about SoccerViza is that I always feel like I'm welcomed, and we are always a family.

Rondo is my favorite drill. Rondo is like ‘monkey in the middle’ where there are players along the outside of a grid and there are one, two, sometimes even three, defenders in the middle trying to get the ball from the outside players. This game is very intense, but at the same time, you get to have a little fun with your teammates.

My favorite soccer player is Kevin De Bruyne. He’s considered to be very consistent and the way he plays is just unique. His style of play consists of covering ground and creating attacking opportunities for his team.

My favorite soccer team is Manchester City because of their style of play. By style, I mean they are always dominating in possession. They’re play in the attacking third is also deadly. With their quick combinations and understanding on the attack, I can always expect quality when it comes to watching a Man City game.

One time, my team was scrimmaging during practice. I had the ball and picked out a great pass to my teammate who ended up scoring. Shortly after, coach ended practice and we realized that it was the game-winner. During this experience, I was very focused and sharp with my passing. I always try my hardest on offense and defense but I could still work on plenty of things in order to be a better player. 

Some things I need to work on would include decision making and moving the ball quicker. During a game or practice, it’s very important that I set the bar high when it comes to making effective, simple, and difficult passes. Picking and choosing which one to go with, at times, is hard because everyone can force a pass, but it’s the quality of the decision making that separates a player from being average to really good. When my team is in possession, it’s very important for me to create options allowing the ball to be moved quicker to me. Re-distributing the ball quickly is also a good way for me to keep the game flowing. I could improve on this because the quicker the ball is moved, the more tired the opponent gets from chasing around. I could improve my ball movement by taking risks and by passing with both my left and my right foot whether it be at practice or on my own time. 

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