Funicello to be Featured on SoccerWire

The SoccerWire podcast is a show that focuses on the youth football (soccer) and player development in the U.S. The focus of the show is mainly the biggest issues in the structure of the youth game in America today. 

Joe Funicello, founder, CEO, and Director of SoccerViza will be featured on The Soccer Wire Podcast, hosted by Marc Serber next Friday, December 20.

“I think football in the United States has many flaws,” said Funicello. “I played and worked at the professional level in both the U.S. and Europe, and I think the U.S. is behind in so many aspects. I'm excited to go on SoccerWire and share my thoughts on the game.”

“We think Joe Funicello has found a way to give opportunities to players with professional ability who may have been overlooked or are unable to operate within the existing system, and can’t wait to get him on The Soccer Wire Podcast to pick his brain and allow him to share his views on the current landscape of youth soccer and player development in America,” said Chris Hummer, Founder of SoccerWire. 

The Soccer Wire Podcast is available iTunes, Spotify, and on most popular podcast hosting platforms. To be notified of the release of the upcoming episode with Joe Funicello, visit this page and click on your platform for subscribe:  

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