Funicello Receives UEFA Professional Coaching License!

NORWALK, Conn., -- On August 23, Guiseppe “Joe” Funicello, received his UEFA professional coaching license (presented by the Finnish Football Federation). 

“I’ve always wanted to continue my education within the sport of soccer and doing it with a UEFA Professional Coaching License feels amazing,” said Funicello. 

Earlier this year, the SoccerViza Director, traveled to Finland to complete the first portion of his coaching course. In Europe, Funicello was evaluated while coaching Finland’s youth national team. Soon enough, it was Finnish Football director, Toni Korkeakunnas’, turn to evaluate Funicello in the United States for eight days. 

“There was a lot to get done,” said Funicello. “I had to display my philosophy in game-like scenarios and show how to train out of certain situations. For example: If a team played a certain way or had certain tendencies, how was I going to counter that and overcome their tactics?”

Korkeakunnas also examined Funicello’s connection with the players and how well he was able to communicate and execute his gameplan/tactis with them. 

Match Analysis:

Funicello and Korkeakunnas were in attendance for the New York Red Bulls versus New England Revolution MLS match on Aug.17 in which Funicello’s analytics were put to the test. Creating and submitting a proper match analysis was in Funicello’s agenda. 

“I had to scout one of the teams and assess their tactics and strategies in a very specific fashion,” said Funicello. “What players did what type of movements? How did a team attack or defend? If a winger was fast, how was he trying to be effective. Why was a team successful? What worked and what didn't? These are all questions that went into this match analysis.”

What’s Next?

In a few years, Funicello will be re-evaluated. With his new license, the Norwalk native can further his knowledge of the game by coaching professionally again at the top level. 

“There’s levels to top coaching,” said Funicello, “and since I've already coached a professional team, why not coach at a top team or league?” 

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