SV PRO CONFIRMED: Abiud Imani Joins Grythyttan IF Until End of Season

It was confirmed that June Toronto PRO combine attendee and Canada native Abiud Imani will head to Sweden next week, to join up with Grythyttan IF.

The 18-year old from Canada's success story came as the result of his strong performance at the Toronto scouting event. 

"Once I got to the event I was able to show what I could do, all thanks to SoccerViza. They gave me a chance I never had, coming to this combine it gave me confidence that I can be something and go somewhere far. I listened and learned so much about being in the right place at the right time and how the industry works," Imani said.

Imani is the fourth success story to be confirmed in this summer's transfer window for SoccerViza, turning a great combine performance into an opportunity with the Swedish club.

“Abiud is a young left back with a lot of potential, he needs to understand the game and when to go forward, but I think could be a fantastic experience for him to continue to develop his game in a good country," said Joe Funicello Director of Scouting and CEO of SoccerViza.

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