"Being Good on the Field Isn't Good Enough"

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

SoccerViza’s Pro Scouting Tour in Los Angeles, California has finalized, and many players will be moving onto professional trials. Along with giving players an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and get evaluated by real coaches and scouts, SoccerViza Football Club’s staff had an opportunity to see how football (soccer) works on the professional scale.

Juan Gonzalez, head coach of the U12 Boys White team, and of the U11 Boys Black team, said he was anxious, confident, and excited before the start of the combine.

“The big difference,” said Gonzalez, “is that coaching kids at the youth club level versus aspiring professionals requires a distinct type of presence. My presence on the field had to be felt, not just for the players but also for the professional clubs in attendance as well.”

Clubs from Europe and North America (U.S. and Mexico) were openly interacting with players and speaking with one another regarding what they thought about players and their abilities on and off the field. 

“Although it may sound weird,” said Gonzalez, “I learned that being good enough on the field isn’t everything professional clubs look for. There are other prerequisites that can make or break a player. I don't think players understand how important attitude, personality and discipline are to the scouts in attendance. They focus on these things off the field and if you’re a good player but off the field you’re showing negative behavior, then chances are you might get overlooked.” 

SoccerViza Pro has helped over 300 contracts get signed. With an average of 3-4 ‘Pro Scouting Tours’, SoccerViza brings different teams and scouts to every event.

“One thing I always look forward to in events is to see the returning players,” said Gonzalez. “You can really see who puts in the work between our events. I've seen players come to an event and not make the showcase game, but comeback to a different event and leave with multiple trial offers. I think this also goes to show how diverse our events are. Different scouts equals different opinions. It also means more opportunities for players."

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