Are Beach Runs Mandatory?

Starting Saturday, Jan. 11 SoccerViza Football Club will be commencing its beach runs at Sherwood Island in Westport, CT. 

With record breaking warm weather in Connecticut to what usually is a snowy winter, questions about whether beach runs are mandatory, and their necessity arise. 

Yes, it’s still technically ‘cold’, but tolerable. 

According to the American Heart Association, working out in the cold has plenty of health benefits. Winter exercise boosts immunity during cold and flu season. In the cold, your body can also regulate its temperature a little better. This means you can often exercise farther or longer; therefore, you can potentially burn even more calories, according to AHA.

“We’re not the only club in Fairfield County doing beach runs, “said coach Jose Canahui. “We run it differently because our exercises are different, and it keeps our players working and improving their abilities.”

“Our beach runs will prepare teams for the spring season,” said Joe Funicello, Director at SoccerViza Football Club. “You could tell what players around the area have worked on their footwork throughout the winter as soon as the first whistle blows in the spring season. I don’t want our players to fall behind, hence why these beach runs are so important to the development of our fitness, speed, and agility.” 

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