9 SVFC High School Players Honored

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

High School seasons have ended and players all around Connecticut had an opportunity to demonstrate their quality throughout their three-month seasons. SoccerViza Football Club (SVFC) had players all around the area spreading the SV way. With the season finalized, nine SoccerViza players got recognized for their efforts: 

ALL FCIAC 1st team:

Alex Vargas (Attacker) - U17 Boys – Brien McMahon High School 

Vargas is special because he can play anywhere on the field with whatever foot the ball is closest too. His versatility on the offensive end make opponents fear him and his ability to shoot from anywhere on the field keeps goalkeepers on their toes when they play against him. Scoring goals isn’t the only thing Vargas can do, he can also combine with teammates and create opportunities for others as well. 

Liam McLaughlin (Midfield) - U18 Boys – Wilton High School

*Also selected as All State – Class M*

McLaughlin is the epitome of ‘letting your game do the talking’. His technical style of play is often regarded as ‘’calm and composed” and his composure on the ball is what makes him hard to defend. With a man on his back, McLaughlin is always a step ahead and always gets his teammates out of pressure by using his quick foot skills to move the ball as quick as he wants to.

Patricio Elorza (Defender/Midfielder) - U18 Boys – Staples High School 

Elorza’s ability to read the game is different from other players. He never shy’s away from tackles and is one of the hardest workers in any position he’s placed in. Although he’s an asset to the defensive side of the game, Elorza is not scared to take risks on the attack. He has the technical ability and speed to dribble past defenders and create danger while in the offensive third. 

Pablo Jimenez (Attacker) - U18 Boys – Norwalk High School 

From the moment Jimenez touches the ball, anyone can see he has something to him. His time in the weight room gives him a strong core, which leads to defenders being unable to knock him off the ball. His off-ball movement and high work-rate makes him hard to follow throughout the mid to later stages of the game.


Devin Riley (GK) - U18 Boys – Weston High Schoo

*Also selected as All State – Class M*

Riley has always had secure hands. His distribution and leadership separate him from all other keepers. When it comes to shot stopping, Riley rarely gives up any rebounds and he is never afraid to use his jumping ability to dive from one post to another. After a good year with the U17 boys last year, he helped lead his high school win a conference title. 

Jordan Blunschi (Defense) - U16 Black – Weston High School 

Blunschi has always been dominant on defense while playing outside back or center back. Being able to stand his ground and use his size to win headers and hard 50/50 tackles makes Blunschi a nightmare for any attacker coming his way. Although his appearance tells you he’s physical, Blunschi also has technique and good footwork in his arsenal, making him a key player when his team has the ball. 

Connor Grace (Midfield) - U18 Boys – Weston High School

*Also selected as All State – Class M*

Connecting the offense to the defense is something Grace has always been able to do. His fluidness on the ball has been described as top level by multiple coaches. Aside from his skill on the ball, Grace’s hard work in the midfield and his ability to change the momentum of the game by constantly disrupting the other team’s offense is something noticeable once the kickoff whistle blows

ALL SWC Patriot Division:

Daniel Bello (Defender) - U18 Boys – Weston High School

Bello is a nonstop worker. His ability to get up and down the wide areas of the field make him very hard to defend. With the foot skills similar to those of a winger, he gives his team an extra option on the offensive end. Defensively, Bello’s work rate is unmatched. In the 89th minute, you can always count on Bello to have something extra in the tank. 

Janak Sekaran (Midfield) - U17 Boys – Weston High School 

Talk about smooth, Sekaran is one of the smoothest on the ball. His technical abilities and high football IQ make him a clear presence in the midfield. Combination play and quick touches on the ball are his strong suit, along with getting teammates involved and keeping the flow of the game going. 

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