SVFC Tryout Process & Procedures

Below is information on SVFC’s tryout process. Our formal tryouts are held annually at the end of April and early May and players selected for these teams will compete during the 2018-2019 year.


Tryout Evaluations

  • Tryouts are FREE of cost

  • Tryout Evaluations are the first and most important determinant of a player’s team placement

  • Each player will participate in two tryout sessions

  • Any player wanting to maximize their chances of making the team of their choice should participate in both tryout sessions. Failure to attend both try-out sessions may affect acceptance and/or team placement.

  • Efforts are made to ensure that players play with and against different players over the course of the two tryouts in order for coaches to fairly evaluate all players in attendance

  • Parents are NOT allowed on the field during tryouts (parent coaching from the sidelines is strongly discouraged)

  • Players are evaluated on their technical and tactical abilities, athleticism and attitude         

  • A player who misses both tryouts, regardless of their status of being an SVFC player the prior year, MUST arrange an alternative tryout date by contacting the Director of Coaching, Joe Funicello, via email at Placement may not be guaranteed.


Arrival & Check-In

  • All players MUST be pre-registered before they are allowed on the field to try out. Players are strongly encouraged to register online prior to the start of their respective tryout, however, there will be tablets on-site at the registration table for players to register at the field

  • Players should arrive 15-30 minutes prior to their scheduled tryout in order to check-in at our registration table

  • Players will be given a tryout number that will correspond with their name in which coaches will use to evaluate each player


Required Dress Code & Gear

  • White shirt with no logo of another soccer club or organization

  • SVFC players should NOT wear SVFC game or practice gear to the tryouts

  • Shin guards

  • Cleats

  • Water

  • Soccer ball


SVFC Policy on “Playing Up”

  • Players must try out for their own age group. Do NOT have your child attend a tryout of an older age group. These decisions are made after tryouts have been completed and determined by the Director of Coaching

  • The criteria used to determine whether or not it is in the best interest of the player developmentally to “play up” is as follows: the player must be a potential starter on their future team, be physical, mentally, emotionally, technically, and tactically prepared to play above their respective age group. The player’s development is the priority of the club and the player will be allowed to “play up” if it is deemed beneficial to the player’s development.


Team Selection

  • Upon completion of the last tryout, players/parents will be contacted by SVFC within 1-3 days regarding the player’s status on a team. Parents will be provided with information on registration and the uniform ordering process (new players)

  • There will be a commitment deadline placed on players making decisions as this is only fair to all players who attended tryouts for their respective age group

  • In order to reserve a player’s roster spot, a registration fee is required. This fee will be your first payment toward the club’s fees. The reason why this fee is required in order to reserve each player’s roster spot is so that SVFC can finalize all rosters immediately and guarantee every player that was selected for a particular team that the team will be ready for play in the 2018-2019 year.

  • We realize that players may be trying out for other clubs at later dates, however, we can NOT “hold” roster spots for players as they tryout for other clubs. Our tryouts are scheduled based on coaches’ and field availability. SVFC tryout dates are announced earlier than other clubs and we do this in order for players/parents to plan accordingly. It would be unfair for other players at tryouts to wait for a decision while a player tries out for another club or attempts to play clubs against one another. SVFC hopes to attract dedicated players and supportive families who believe in the SVFC player development model, our coaching staff, and our core values and beliefs.


Club Financials

  • Club fees for the 2018-2019 year will be announced in April

  • Uniforms are purchased every two years directly through our vendor,

  • SVFC offers financial assistance to players/families who qualify. For more information on the application process, please email SVFC Club Registrar, Cecilia Lihv at