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Parents and Players,


I want to take the time to wish you all an amazing holiday season and New Year!


Although it is the start of the holiday season, it also means it’s almost the end of our winter break period. This “Director’s Message” will bring you up to date with all club happenings during our winter seasons. 


Winter Practice Schedule:


You should be receiving your individual team’s winter practice schedule/location today from our communications team.


*Remember, practices are mandatory and you should notify your coach in advance of

any conflicts or practices you will be missing.*


Winter Beach SAQ Runs:


Our club’s Saturday Speed, Agility, and Quickness runs have been an amazing fitness training tool through the winter months. The spring season comes quick and to hit the ground running, we must make sure our teams and players start the season in shape and with their Speed, Agility, and Quickness attributes improved.


All beach Saturday Speed, Agility, and Quickness runs are mandatory SVFC practices and we expect all players to be participating in SAQ beach runs.


*If YOUR team has a scheduled winter league game on a Saturday, then players are excused from beach runs.*


Winter Outdoor Practices:


I have had meetings with club directors from around Connecticut/New York (Stamford FC, FSA, CT Rush, AC Connecticut & more) regarding winter training. The majority of them will be training outside during the winter months to escape the tight spaces and gyms that slow teams down for the outdoor season.


The gyms are perfect for our younger teams (U9-U12) to continue building their technical fundamentals. But for our older teams, we want to make sure they are ready for the outdoor spring transition. We have noticed in the past that teams look “shell shocked” during the opening week of the spring season due to being indoors all winter. The outdoor winter practices will help eliminate that.


*We will monitor weather conditions and cancel any outdoor winter practices

where temperatures are below 30 degrees.*


Trinity Catholic High School Training Location:


Sacred Heart University has had a recent campus field issue that has to be resolved and the fields will be unavailable from January 15th until the Spring season.


With that being said, we were also aware of traffic conditions to Sacred Heart University due to rush hour. We are happy to announce that our outdoor winter practices will be held at Trinity Catholic High School in Stamford, CT. This is a huge relief since it allows us to escape northbound traffic.


Trinity Catholic High School: 926 Newfield Ave, Stamford, CT 06905


Winter Leagues & Friendlies:




Our younger (non-high school) age group teams will be playing in winter leagues in either Armonk, NY or Trumbull, CT.


Teams may also be participating in outdoor exhibition games throughout the winter months.  




Our high school-aged teams will be participating in numerous outdoor exhibition games throughout the winter months. This gives teams the opportunity to play in competitive games without the restrictions of indoor league play.


Games will be played on normal outdoor age-appropriate regulated fields. This will eliminate the dilemma of roster sizes of normal 5v5 and 7v7 indoor games. We hated having player rotations for games and having players sit out due to roster restrictions on game day. Winter friendlies will allow teams to stay together throughout the winter months for chemistry purposes before the spring season.


We are excited to see you all and getting back to work with all our players. Thank you for all your hard work throughout this last year, now let’s look forward to a great 2020!


December 2019

Joe Funicello

Joe Funicello
Director Of Coaching

SoccerViza FC