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Codes Of Conduct


Player Conduct:

All SVFC players are expected to maintain high levels of focus, intensity, and maturity during all SVFC practices and games. All SVFC players should understand that whenever they are wearing SVFC attire, they are representing the club and their behavior should reflect the image the club wants to promote; one of the mature, responsible, hardworking, talented and respectful athletes.


If a player behaves inappropriately during a team or club event, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss the issue with SVFC Director Of

Coaching, the team's coach, and parents/player. The player could lose playing time or be asked to leave the club if poor behavior becomes or is deemed problematic.

Parent Conduct:

During games, players will be encouraged to make their own decisions on the field, rather than relying solely on the instructions from the coaching staff. This encourages free thinking, creative play and is something that is highly desirable in the sport of soccer. As such, instructions from parents on the sidelines at practices or games are strongly prohibited. 

Parents will be required to refrain from instructing their child or other players on the team, and focus only on encouragement from the sidelines. 


Parents must remain in SVFC designated parent viewing areas for all practices. SVFC will have signs at each training locations for parents who will stay to watch training.


Parent or player must contact the coach at least 24 hours prior to practice time if the player is unable to attend practice. If a player is unable to attend a scheduled game, the parent or player must notify the coach at LEAST one week prior to the scheduled match, unless an emergency or an urgent situation arises. 

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