Club Philosophy

All players must be able to work and function in a positive team environment. The camaraderie of our teams will be the backbone of SoccerViza Football Clubs curriculum. Players must want to play, have a relationship with their teammates, which will then translate players into wanting to be at team events (practices, games, etc), and contributing to the team's success.


Players are often affected by emotions. SVFC coaches will train players to use these emotions in a positive manner that will not only help their development, their team’s development, but will contribute to the better development of their everyday community as well.


Coaches will be expected to develop different aspects of players skill set which include individual ball mastery, position-specific awareness and skills, creativity, and mindset.


Contact us now to enter your child into to an environment that will unlock their full soccer potential. Come join SoccerViza FC. 



Monday - Friday

Club Office

365 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Norwalk, CT


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