Club Commitment


Commitment Level:

SVFC premier team schedules can be fairly intensive. CT Club Soccer League games, tournaments can be scheduled on either Saturday or Sunday, or in certain circumstances, on weekday evenings. As such, SVFC premier players should make their commitment to their SVFC team a priority. We do not expect SVFC premier players to forego all other sporting activities, but we do ask players to make their team commitment a priority.


All players and parents should expect to play in several tournaments on holiday weekends, including Labor Day, Memorial Day, and/or others.


Please understand that SoccerViza Football Club will be competing and setting the same standards of other high-level premier clubs in the area.


Please note, that your child’s roster spot is only guaranteed for the 2017-2018 year. All players must tryout in May for the 2018-2019 team.


Players and Parents will be asked to sign an SVFC Premier Player/Parent Commitment Agreement outlining all of the commitment requirements before the start of the season.

Community Service

All SVFC teams are required to perform 10 hours of community service per year. SVFC will arrange community service events and will provide ample notice for all parents and players.

SVFC believes that it is not only important for players to grow and develop within the game of soccer, but it’s also important to teach our players the value and importance of helping make their communities a better place.

Playing Time:

SVFC is a premier club, therefore, there is no 50% playing time guarantee. Playing time is earned and determined by attendance, punctuality, work ethic and attitude in training.